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Safe & Sound

That was an interesting hour, just now.

I heard slightly unusual chirps & squeaks coming from the degu enclosure, and though they're often quite vocal, the sounds were odd enough to make me investigate. Bo was the source; he looked frazzled but frisky, so I was confused as to why he was chirping so much. I took a quick look at the degu guide I have (which is not always helpful) and they suggested those particular sounds were made by babies seeking their parents, or happy degus overall. Um, not so much.

I peeked in closer and noticed his cheek fur was wet & matted, and there was a little cut on his mouth. Once I picked him up, I was able to see that several cuts (bite wounds?) were all around his neck. I asked Daniel for assistance, and he tried blotting away some blood while I held a very nervous Bo. During that time, we also saw a gash on his back leg but the wound must have been a few hours old because the blood was coagulated and not clearing away easily.

Not having much in the way of first aid supplies at home, I decided to at least drive up to the studio to grab the small aquarium that my student no longer wanted to buy from me. It's a good thing, really - and also a good coincidence that I took my dad's car earlier in the evening. On my way to the studio I stopped in at my parents' apartment for peroxide and cotton swabs. Thank god their sleep schedule is fucked & they were still awake at 1am. They were happy to help me out, so I quickly went home to clean Bo up and transfer him to the quiet aquarium. He did not like the peroxide one bit, but at least I got most of the blood off. I gave him some fresh lettuce, which he soon nibbled on (always a good sign!) but I'll hold off on any pellets or hay until his mouth looks more promising. Fingers crossed he'll heal quickly.

That poor bugger...what a life. Left alone in a pet store, unwanted until I took him home; forced to live with a hyper, snot-headed baby degu; overcame hypothermia; dealt with no less than 6 apartment transfers; forced to share his home with two more crazy, hyperactive kids; and now this. He's too old to be dealing with such nonsense. I very well might keep him alone in the small aquarium for the rest of his years.

Subtle Christmas Layout for the Win!

I was grillin' my cheeze when I noticed something odd:

Yes, some dumbass jammed a rack against the oven's top element. Wtf? Fortunately, it came out with relative ease.

In other news, I am extremely pleased with this $2 splurge item:


I didn't know ward clerks wore bikinis while proclaiming their national pride.

God, I really need to stop using LJ. It sucks up too much time and, aside from some epic giggles at random pictures today, I have accomplished nothing.

Shattering Glass

Have you ever broken a mirror?

I did, just yesterday, but so far I don't feel the doom of seven years bad luck...

Deep Love

These. Ilse Jacobsen wellies, lovely and desireable and expensive. I want!



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